Getting to know Fanelesibonge

Fanelesibonge is a South African Afro pop artist.

” I was born at Nkandla but raised in Soweto then came to Jo’burg after our house was burnt down”

“my music journey was natured by my uncle MBUYISWA WHO discovered my voice and ability .”

Growing up he was good in sports he says he even has medals to prove it.

His biggest regret is leaving school at grade ten in order to make more money with music. “But things never went as I expected, but I’m proud that I am standing and helping other young mates not to fall in the same trap.” He says.

When asked about what keeps him motivated he said “Seeing younger superstars like me doing big things, mostly I have a support system my girlfriend who help me in every step of my journey she Is the one who brought me back while I wanted to give up Thenjiwe Thapedi made me believed more in my dreams.”

“MAMA can be a big step in to elevate my music and brand”

It will build my support and musical fan base, the money will go into buying a shack for me and my family to have a home of ours. Since we have been living in a rented apartment ever since our house was burnt down.

To vote for him sms mama 334 sms costs R2.

His Social media handles

Facebook : mthiyane fanele
Instagram : fanelesibonge 22

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  • nwabisa
    May 20, 2021 at 5:08 pm

    hope you win

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