Getting to know Gabriel keetse

Gabriel keetse is a South African artist. Having been told that he liked creating things from clay as a child.

He started taking art serious when he was just 17 years of age. Having the full support of his parents he started doing portraits and conceptual art.

His greatest achievement was entering an art competition in his township by Rasta foundation. The competition gave him the recognition he needed. However he went on to lose the competition , ultimately quitting drawing too.

Having had quit drawing . He stumbled upon a drawing that he loved by Salvador Dali that motivated him to get back to drawing.

He aspires to be one of the greatest creative minds in the globe. What drives him the most is that he wants to surpass the likes of Picassos , Salvador Dali’s, etc.

“I decided to enter mama21 because I will get exposure and my work will be rewarded. Furthermore I would like to thank Mama 21 for creating this platform for me and others , I’d still be proud of being a part of this even if I were to lose.”

To vote for him sms mama 032 to 40439 sms costs R2.

Social media handles.

Instagram : sexy chubby bear
Facebook : Bear tingz

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