Getting to know jonza the jonza

Phuti John seabela popularly known by hid stage name “jonza the jonza”. Is a rising South African artist.

Born and bred in rural Limpompo at the small village of Mashashane where he resumed his studies at Madenathaga Primary school and Matriculated in 2001 at Dr MJ Madiba high school.

“Growing up in the village of Mashashane my dream was to be Soldier and around the age of 12 the love of music got me and has been my first love ever since.”

Even when he completed his studies in Technical support at Limpompo College his love for music lingered on.

“I perused my career and worked as an Electrical quality control at Eskom in need for financial stability, To get the hang of things and to further understand the career and passion I was persuing.”

My big break came when I was contacted by an orginiser to perform at a youth event in Mashashane which was my first paying gig and let’s just say the rest is history. I have never looked back and to date I work a 9-5 and in my spare time I do gigs and write to perfect my music.
Through this experience I have learned hard work and dedication pays off its no easy task but yet do-able, hence the saying where there is love there is a way…with my the work that I’m doing now which is electrical work,,i was introduced by one of my pastors in Johannesburg, and i started enjoying the electrical industry till do date as now I’m electrical quality control inspector in such a big power station in south Africa.

i have grown up loving music and till to date i have a passion in music.

My achievements so far i can say I have achieved so many things like achieving my electrical certificates as i can now sign of any kind of electrical job, experience in music, managed to build my own studio and one of the biggest achievements is that i like helping the needy kids, like every December i go around mashashane looking for the orphans or kids with parents that doesn’t work, then i will buy them groceries to enjoy their festive season

I’m someone who likes to see others progressing and put bread on the table, i have failed in doing a business at home where i bought a stand already and building is nearly finished, but due to financial difficulties I had to stop. I have failed myself and others who were going get jobs and provide for their families.

i would to be successful in music and help other upcoming artist too, samma awards motivate in this category, and i would to start bussness to reduce a rate of unemployment and give back to the community as well

I have decided to join MAMA 21 to help take my music to the world ,to expose myself , maybe also to be recognized by other well known artists. With R15000 if i win my aim is to take R3000 and go to one of the primary school that i have attended and buy school uniform to kids that can’t afford it. Then the rest i upgrade my studio to make things very simple in my music career.

To vote for him sms mama 839 to 40439 sms costs R2.

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