Getting to know Kwanele Marcia Ndlovu

Kwanele Marcia Ndlovu, is a talented South African writer.

She grew up in a loving and caring family, which is another way of she always got everything she needed. “I grew up in a community where everyone is free to do whatever they feel like doing.”

Growing up kwanele got used to isolating herself .She started writing and reciting poems from 2011. It was up until she reached the age of 19 that she published her very first book titled “Izinyembezi Zosana”.

She went on to publish her second book the following year titled “Bruises of love”.

“I never performed and lost” she said when asked about her accomplishments , she further went on to say that her failure was when she had to pull out from Amaciko awards due to the lack of votes.

She has high hopes of opening her own publishing company in the future.

“Loneliness motivates me and besides , I am so into art”.

“I joined Mama21 because I believe in myself. I know I’m a good writer. I write to heal and mend broken hearts.”

When asked what she would do with the prize money if she wins. Her answer was that she would use it to continue publishing.

“I would definitely use that money to continue publishing my thoughts”.

To vote for her sms mama 885 to 40439. Sms costs R2.

Her social media handles are as follows.

Facebook: Kwaneh Ndlovu
Instagram: Kwanehndlovu12
YouTube: Kwanele Ndlovu

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