Getting to know Luther Vibes ivyson

Mukoki Sono popularly known as Luther Vibes ivyson. Is one of South Africa’s rising stars

Born in the year 2000 at Centurion after which his mother and father broke up, he had to move out with his mother and older brother to live in Pretoria, Soshanguve block V

He loved music and acting at the young age of 10.

” its by then i started knowing that when i grow up what will i want to be in future.
And my dad was a solder by then and still a solder when i was a little kid he told me that one day when i grow up i must become like him or more than him.
But unfortunately the divorce got everything twisted and left some of us to live in trash hole.”

He is a musician and Actor , having had started doing music early in his childhood. “my brother introduced me to music saying i look like Lionel Rich i then kept on doing my best on it.”

He used to excel in all sports activities but mostly Rugby in which he got 20 medals of Rugby .

” Acting-Dance got me touring all over Pretoria by Masco Organization and i got my Trophy as well there.
As i got into high school i failed my grade 10 two times cause of i was morely focussed on my Music & Acting career thinking of even to quit school but i dint I’ve been patient with school till i passed my Matric with Diploma in 2019.”

He would love to Achieve at lot of milestones in his music and acting career as well as to see his media company succeed.

“God is the only reason that keeps me going and my Parents also.
Bill Gates and Buffett Warren are the only people that motivates to work more harder”

He decided to join #mama21 solely because of the passion he has for what he does.

“if i win the R15000.00 i will purchase all Music equitment so i produce more good music to motivate and entertain the other upcoming music Artist & possibly some cameras in it.”

To vote for him SMS mama
1958 to 40439 . Sms costs R2

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