Getting to know Sello Vincent Pholohana

Getting to know Sello Vincent Pholohana

Sello Pholohana from Limpopo Bochum, an Entrepreneur at Heart, Best-Selling Author of 5 Wealth Creation Books, A Life Changing Phylantropic Force and venture capitalist who created permanent employment of 30 people, & Permanently employed them with all basic employment benefits.

Executive Transactional Advisor of Global Water Integration – Sello Vincent Pholohana is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Multi Chem Engineering and Construction. Raised from a business background, Pholohana S.V has honed his business acumen and developed very good interpersonal skills. These two aspects have resulted in many deep relationships being formed with both Corporate and Public Sector Clients in the region.

Sello Pholohana began his career as a Chief Directorate President of Garden Fresh Beneficial Healthwise, & Executive Director of Lehlabile Hallmark Industrial Technologies. Pholohana S.V has been an Executive and Board Member of multinational companies in different industries like Construction, Engineering and Work Integrated Learning Programmes (Resource Training Centres). Some of those companies include; Garden Fresh Beneficial Healthwise, Wealth Syllabus Group, Multi Chem Engineering, and Pholohana Group 7 Subsidiaries.

Pholohana S.V studied the artificial intelligence of chemical engineering, advanced manufacturing techniques, engineering science, and water treatment. Pholohana S.V reinvented himself deeply more in water treatment, he innovated: Multi Chem Techno Innovation Aquamarine Application Technologies for Water Treatment, which is a very cost-effective solution to solve major socio-economic challenges of water crisis; he is very passionate about water treatment and Infrastructure Development and his main focus as a Board Transactional Advisor of Global Water Integration is strategic growth and also assisting government meet its Service Delivery mandate in relation to Infrastructure Development.

The experience opened Sello Pholohana’s eyes to the “stagnant and archaic” thinking at executive level in his business industry. He make use of industrial technology, and advanced manufacturing techniques to create experiences that fundamentally make the lives of African’s better, concreting and building new things and boundaries in manufacturing industry to engineer world class products.

Pholohana Sello is not afraid to get his hands dirty at Multi Chem Engineering and Construction Factories.

For many years Pholohana S.V has built strong relationships with all spheres and the SADC market, devoting a lot of time in understanding government’s service delivery mandate. This has resulted in a more strategically focused approach of aligning Pholohana’s sales and lobbying experience to benefit Multi Chem Engineering and Construction.

In 2019 Pholohana S.V established Jonas Ornicah Foundation, an Africa-based and African-funded philanthropy, dedicated to catalyzing education, employment and poverty eradication across Africa. Sello’s vision for Global Water Integration is to attain a listing on the ECSA or the ABET.

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