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Shaun Khutso Kgohloane,is known as “SHAUN-K DE VOCALIST   ” as a stage Name.I was born in 22 November of year-1999 and grew up at the small rural Village of Ga-Mametja,Mabins (A),near the tribal office in Limpopo province.

I was first inspired by my Mom Agnes “Tshego Thekoane” as my role model,with the deeper love of Singing.Although in my early age,was spiritually Lifted up by my Father “Pinaar’s wisdom”.Suddenly when i was  Introduced into the Industry of music by Elder bro-Emmanuel Mphekge,whom connected myself with Maragane Music Studio in 2014 at the Willows Village.

I then commenced to Sing RnB,hip-hop and Afro-Pop as a favorite type of soul music.Later on,i then released my second song with sis Portia.I was supported by my family in every creativity items regarding art.My brother Leifa named me “SHAUN-K”as a  strong and suitable name for a  talented Heart of upcoming artist like me.After sometime,i envented “Trinity Music Team” crew in 2014,and kept Spirit  upholding my Journey of Music,and Soldiered on with a praise,”Agee!!?Bakonebanchidikgolo!!!Agee babina phuthi”in Pedi culture.This expressed good morals  and dignity towards my Culture.

Mr Dunga Raymond Marape as a chief of the Maragane music Studio, became flabbergasted when he noticed the great fire and the vibe that was covered with passion and ambition in  Shaun-k ‘s multiple Talent.Everyone sorrounded me, identified me as a motivational singer,a Writer,intelligent softball player and indeed a good artist/musician.

I and my crew struggling a lot with financial matters,which makes us fail to meet many requirements with studio sessions and events that needs money or distant events that we fail to reach,all because of lack of sponsorship.We have been struggling to find gigs.This manner shaded our capabilities,and haunted us all the years.We are indeed hungry of seeing a great impact resulted by our victory,as we are combating against povety and success.No matter how many people thrown stones in our journey,we never stopped loving music,as we had a focus and a pure vision.We are actually striving for a goal,our fans keeps us motivated each day and also our families support.

John Legend is my role model in my rnb and favorite artist.I always been like a parrot of his work, hence i wanted to become stronger like John Legend with his support of emotional piano.. Songs.

Then in 2020 i decided to change the tittle of the crew from TMT to Shaunvick-Brothers,as i felt the music really runs in the family.As a result,i officially team up with my little brother Victor Mathulamise,known as vicky vick in Music industry.

“I myself as SHAUN-K,the chairperson of Shaunvick-Brothers crew,wish to win #Mama 2021 Awards R15 000 price money, so that our vision to bring a change into our family and community as a whole,once more we wants to see ourselves uplifting other youngsters to become future leaders tomorrow.That is either through our music or in our motivational talk, including the care we wants to have towards disabled people,whom wish they had same opportunity to thrive”.

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