Getting to know supreme ayas


Siyanda Kunene is a South African Dj popularly known as Supreme Ayas.

He says he fell in love with music from a very young age, wereby he used to listen to plenty of music and danced alot.

He was introduced to DJing by his friend Siyabonga when he was just 12 years old which was in 2012 and started doing some gigs in Pretoria.

His greatest achievement was when he achieved second place in Pretoria Awards while his greatest failure is having had lost in cape town.

His aspirations are to play internationally and do collaborations with the likes of black coffee and CAIIRO as he is deeply inspired by their music

He joined #mama21 because he saw an opportunity to deliver his talent and would be able to buy new equipment and ultimately open his own studio.

To vote for him sms mama 005 to 40439 ( sms costs R2)

His Social media handles are as follows.

Instagram : Supreme_ayas372
Facebook : Siyanda Kunene
YouTube : Siyanda Kunene

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