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Tsholofelo Moatshe well known as Tsholo , She is a Gospel , pop and soul singer . She is also a composer, a Youth Coordinator (under her NPO named Hope Tsholofelo Sechabeng “HTS NPO”).

There’s no stopping her as she is also a background Actor and I does business consultation (here and there & specializes with growing businesses, putting a proper structure and strategies for businesses from Logistics, Foundation of Accounting, Sales & Marketing and recruiting).


She has been to the US & UK for music festivals and conferences which she believes it’s every artist’s wildest dream


Being in the industry for such a long time(since 2003) and not yet having a breakthrough she needs.


Closed doors. She wishes it was easier to breakthrough in the music industry. Investing a lot for every little thing there is to be done from recording, marketing, competition, distribution, printing, pr etc… It’s not a child’s play especially if you don’t have an income.

She like her music to get the recognition it deserves , Her music to be played so that she may be invited to bigger stages.

“Oh how I wish to get a return on all the investments I made.” This was her remarks when looking back at all the sacrifices she has made

Her background

I started off in this industry as a dancer (1996 – 2000) and I used to do it as a hobby and I was part of a dance club called Born Armies which was led by my sister Boitumelo Elaine Moatshe.
1999 – I was a back up singer/dancer to Khanyo Maphulo (from Sarafina)
2003 – started pursuing my music journey with a group called Ntsako founded by Themba Ndala of Rivatec.
2008 – we tried forming a group with Dudu Sithole and we couldn’t even release the music we recorded
2009 – I was a backup singer for Omega Khunou of Spirit Of Praise.
2010 – The foundation of my NPO was formed through me having a task at church to Strategize, develop Sub Leaders, Form an organizing team and giving the youth teachings about life and skills development at church.
2011 – I released my first album titled Dumisa

2012 – I did motivation classes at Thutolore Secondary School in Meadowlands
2016 – I released my 2nd offering named Not On My Own
2017 ~ I was nominated for The Best Pop & Soul Artist & Best Female Awards at the Ingoma Awards
2018 – I presented a show called General Debate at Lekoa FM with 3 other ladies.
2020 – I released a single titled: Ho wena ~Ke ngwana hao
~ I was nominated as the Best Gospel Artist and Best song of the Year for the Mama Awards.


“If it’s not your CALLING, do not pursue it because it requires persistence, endurance, sacrifice and passion. Keep trying and at the end, you’ll win”

Social media handles
Facebook : Tsholofelo Moatshe & tsholo_musicsa
Twitter: tsholo_musicsa
Instagram : tsholo_musicsa

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